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About the project

Doors To Europe is a Comenius project involving 5 European schools from Spain, Italy, Holland, Poland and the Czech Republic. Our project focuses on the problems that our students and schools face and tries to find ways of dealing with them. The project, that is attractive and gives students and teachers a chance to look at Europe and at education from a different point of view. The aim of the project is to strengthen and promote international partnership among young people and to develop their interest in European cultural heritage and citizenship, English language, ICT, Science and sports.

September 2012 - Doors To Europe are oficially opened

In our project Europe is a house with lots of rooms offering interesting activities focused on three main topics: exploring countries involved in the project, on "being European" and also on investigating Sports in respect of Sciences. Students will have a choice of doors to open according to their interest in the above mentioned topics. During the school year students will work in international groups ( with the help of ICT) and present their work to other groups during exchange weeks. Exchange weeks will provide opportunity to spot similarities and differences between partner countries, as well as to participate in sport activities (running events and "Olympics").