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Main presentation about the Commenius ProgrammeDownload

Dutch presentation by Vinera and AnoukDownload

Former life in Czech Republic by JiriDownload

Spanish school system by Renee and SanneDownload

Spanish sports by Federico and Denis Download

Holland by Nordin and Mika Download

Spanish dance and music by Joshua and Jan Jacob Download

Barcelona and Netherlands by Pleun and Iris Download

Spanish music by Kamil and Natalia Download

Enrique Iglesias by Wojta Download

Spanish marathons by Matrjin and Mart Download

Polish-Spanish dictionary by Magda and Oliwia Download

How to make a gazpacho? Download

What does EU mean to us - by Mateusz and Mikolaj Download

Doors to Europe quiz - check yourself! Download

Sports in Holland by Anouk and Eline Download

Making a Crema Catalana Download

Catalonia by Pau and Oriol Download

Spanish famous music by Magda and Oliwia Download

Madrid, Barca and Spain by Mateusz and Mikolaj Download

Languages of Spain by Mateusz and MikolajDownload

Sports of Spain by Natalia and KamilDownload

Generally about Spanish language by Natalia and Kamil Download

Sports of Spain by Natalia and Kamil Download

Appeltaart by Pavlic and SantovDownload

Spaghetti Bolognese by Stach and ZahradnicekDownload

Life in the EU by Daniel and EmilDownload

Marathons by Vachutka and SalamonDownload

Netherland music by Nela and RadkaDownload

Netherlands vs Czech Republic.pptxDownload

Cooking by Sevcikova and KyskovaDownload

Lasagne by Barbora and LucieDownload

Presentation by Rosa&Lot&Lu-yan&Noor en FelineDownload

Project Italian by Daan&Wout&Stan En JannesDownload

Spanish music quizDownload

Doors to Europe by Eden Smits, Eva Besselaar, and Coen KolfDownload

Presentation by Dutch studentsDownload

Doors to Europe - Italy_presentationDownload

Mainly about SpainDownload

Languages of Italy by Igor and WiktoriaDownload

Spaghetti Bolognese by Igor and WiktoriaDownload

What does EU mean to us? - by Igor and WiktoriaDownload

Italian music by Julia and MartaDownload

Italian football by Julia and MartaDownload

Mainly about Trento by Ola and MaciekDownload

Something about CapaRezza by Ola and MaciekDownload

European Union by Hania and MagdaDownload

Hongop by Magda and HaniaDownload

Dutch music by Magda and HaniaDownload

Dutch music by Kacper&NataliaDownload

Dutch language by Kacper&NataliaDownload

Dutch kitchen byKacper&NataliaDownload

Dutch sport by Klaudia&SzymonDownload

Netherlands by Klaudia&SzymonDownload

Olibollen by Konrad&MateuszDownload

School by Konrad&MateuszDownload

Sport by Konrad&MateuszDownload

EU by Magda&KasiaDownload

Dutch food by Magda&KasiaDownload

Sport in Holland by Magda&Kasia.pptxDownload

Poffertjes by Marlena&WiktoriaDownload

Rotterdam by Wiktoria&MarlenaDownload

DJ Tiesto by Marlena&WiktoriaDownload

Danish school systemDownload

Dutch foodDownload

Dutch baseball by Lucrezia&MicheleDownload

Dutch Hip-hop by Bianca&ChristianDownload

Many languages by Game&JakobDownload

Schools by Maria&MartinaDownload

Holland and Italy by Giorgia&AssiaDownload

Speed skating by Arianna&IsabellaDownload

Sports in Holland by Sabrina&DianaDownload

Holland by Alessandro&AdelinaDownload